Naib Khateeb

1.         In the processing of cases for enlt of Naib Khateeb, it has been noted that there is no proper policy existing in this Org. To streamline the enlt procedure in future the fol policy will be adhered to:-

a.         Qualification

            (1)       Should be matric. Preference will be given to indl with higher academic qual.

            (2)       Qual from auth / registered Darul Ulum in Darse Nizami.


b.         Age.                22 – 25 years.

c.         Med Cat.        “AYE” Physically fit.

d.         Selection Procedure.       

(1)       A board will be composed at this HQ to given test to the candidates.Paper will prepared by HQFC (Edn Branch)

(2)       The certs produced by candidate will be sent to the concerned board and Darul-Ulum for verification.  

                        (3)       Matric and higher cert will also be fwd to concerned noard verification.


            e.         Probation.    A candidate when enrolled as Naib Khateeb will remain on probation for min pd of one year in which unit Comdt will initiate a suitability report of the Naib Khateeb. In case of negative report by Comdt the Naib  Khateeb will be out of svc.   

            f.          ACR System

                        (1)       Annual confd Report of the Naib Khateeb will be initiated regularly like other JCOs and countersigned by the unit Comdt.

                        (2)       In case of negative ACR fol action will be applicable:-

                                    (a)       Will be posted to other unit.

                                    (b)       Seniority will be adjusted as junior most in the next unit.   

                                    (c)        Indl getting second successive negative report will be weeded out.

            g.         Posting / Tfr

                        (1)       Max tenure of duty of Naib Khateeb in a unit be 5 years only.

                        (2)       Proper rotation of the Naib Khateeb in unit amongst wings and unit HQ should be carried out yearly by the unit Comdt.



(3)       In case of premature posting / tfr of Naib Khateeb is necessitated, unit Comdt will fwd proper report with complete details for consideration / decision.

                        (4)       Naib Khateeb would be adjusted as junior most in the next unit incase of   tfr on indls request.

            h.         Serving pers will also be allowed to apply for this commission, having fol pre-requisites:-

                        (1)       Service between 1 to 6 years.

                        (2)       No red ink entry.

            j.          Naib Khateeb will be dealt under FC Ord 1959 for disciplinary action.